Veiled World

Genre: YA Sci-Fi/Steampunk
Word Count: 97,000
Status: Revising with Agent
Aveza and Warin run away from the palace knowing an entire army will be in pursuit. In Eskifalia, where men control everything– including the minds of the women they touch–defying the Emir means signing your own death warrant.
Fifteen-year-old Aveza is running to avoid having her mind enslaved by the despicable Bey Reginald, the same fate that drove her sister to burn herself alive.
Seventeen-year-old Warin is running from his role in the cruel experiments performed on women in the palace lab: genetic alterations designed to ensure men will always maintain control.
When Aveza and Warin meet up with a pair of outlaw twins and a subversive underground society, it seems they’ve finally found a safe haven. But for Aveza, no place is safe from the danger of exposing her gloved skin or the face she hides behind her veil.
Complete at 97,000 words, VEILED is an Ottoman-inspired Young Adult science fiction where steampunk elements add flavor but are not the story.

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