Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bear with us

Chelle and I are feeling very disappointed in ourselves for *both* missing our blog posts last week.

Yes, Ellen, we know.
I was laid up in bed pretty much the entire week with the worst stomach virus I've ever had...

Not to put too fine a point on it, but had I tried to blog it would've gone down like this.

 and Chelle was just insanely busy.

It always scares me when she yells at me in her pirate voice.

This week things are even crazier (more about that in an upcoming post), but we promised ourselves that we would *not* miss two weeks in a row.  

Aside from blogging, we haven't been able to get any other writing done either, which we're not happy about.  Our current plans are to (1) finish revising the VEILED manuscript with our agent so that hopefully it's ready to go out on submission to publishers by the end of March, and (2) start outlining a new novel about Irish Travelers in America.

Us soon.

Chelle and I had actually written a YA paranormal a couple of years ago that included Irish Travelers (it was the first novel we wrote together) and we both still love the characters in it, but the novel is not well positioned in the current market.  Because of that, we've decided to take the characters from that book and throw them into contemporary plot (i.e. no magic).  We're both really excited about it, and we intend on beginning the plotting of this new novel right away.  

How could you not love a culture that produces weddings that look like this?
Or that dress their daughters in this monstrosity for fist communion?
Now if only our lives would cooperate and stop getting in the way.


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