Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I Swear, My Dog Ate My Blog Post...

I had this great blog post planned all about using your dominant sense to strengthen your writing.  It had everything—a quiz, interesting descriptions of what it means to have a dominant sense of taste or smell, or whatever, pictures, Anderson Cooper (yes) and even a Nietzsche quote or two.  That post, however, has sadly taken a back seat to the myriad other things life keeps throwing at me including (but  in no way limited to) a four-year-old with a sudden case of separation anxiety, a new gym membership and a somewhat nebulous New Years resolution to “get into shape,” and (drum roll please) our first ever round of line-edits.  And to think, those were something I was actually excited about just a week ago. 

To be fair, I’m still a little bit excited.  After all, receiving your first line edits from your agent does seem like something of a milestone, but when it feels like you’ve already agonized over every word choice at least three times, it’s sort of painful to have someone point out to you all the places you got it wrong (and boy did we get it wrong in some places).  We started going through all the notes yesterday afternoon and, after nearly two hours, were only half-way through chapter two.  Lest you think our dear agent hated every word on every page, let me just say that honestly the edits themselves aren’t so bad or so numerous.  That being said, we really want to get this right, and that means thinking very carefully about every (well, almost every) word.  Again.  This evening Katherine informed me that, by her calculations, if we continue at this same pace it could take almost four full weeks to get through the entire manuscript.  Hopefully we can cut that down a bit as we get back into the groove, but until then I should warn you that my blog posts, at least, may be a bit lacking.  Kate's will still be awesome because she's unstoppable and not nearly as whiny as me. 

On the other hand (and because I don’t want you to think it’s ok to skip the next four weeks of blog posts), I might surprise you.  I mean, Anderson Cooper could happen at any time.




  1. 26 days assuming we take no days off... It'll never end!

  2. mmm... now i'm imagining anderson cooper, so we're cool.


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