Thursday, December 13, 2012

Agent Story

A few months ago, Chelle & I were lucky enough to land the most amazing agent, Pooja Menon of Kimberley Cameron & Associates.  The following is a brief explanation of how we snagged her.  (A more full account will be forthcoming in an interview with QueryTracker.)

After finishing writing our Young Adult steampunk novel, VEILED, we knew we needed to start looking for an agent for the project, but since we'd both been through this before, the idea of restarting the query process felt something like this:

We sucked it up, however, and made up a dream list of agents.  Chelle had read about Pooja, the newest agent at Kimberley Cameron, and started following her on twitter.  She really loved her, so we shot her a query.  Needless to say, we were nervous about how she'd respond.

A few weeks later, however, Pooja requested the first 50 pages which made us feel like a week of good hair days.

An agent reading your manuscript isn't a sure thing, though, so in the meantime we entered a number of query contests and were excited to win quite a few of them.

Thankfully, Pooja finished reading the manuscript quickly (maybe because she noticed our contest successes?) and made us an offer of representation!

BUT, she wanted us to make sizable changes to the manuscript, including seriously altering the ending which we'd both been attached to.  In the hour after reading Pooja's email about the changes, Chelle & I went from feeling like this:

To this:

To this:

Because in the end we realized that the alterations she'd suggested would make the book stronger in so many ways.  Last week we finished up those edits, and the revised manuscript is now in Pooja's hands.  Assuming we're not too far off from what she wanted, it looks like we'll be out on submission to publishers early next month.

(At which point we'll certainly feel like this):

We'll keep you updated.

Also, don't forget the great steampunk books we're giving away this week to celebrate our blog launch!  We greatly appreciate everyone's support.

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**Also, huge shout out to our writer friend Tristina Wright who recently had her own agent success story and who inspired the visual aspects of this post.**


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